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the ascension of the earth


in earnest began coming to fruition over a 100 years ago


and so we witnessed a great CLAMPING DOWN by the dark in the late 19th and 20th centuries


we got a release of destructive technology called THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION


more and more people were herded into energy dead zones known as CITIES








we got Environmental Degradation and Destruction on a mass scale




and so….


like a doctor trying to push a baby back up the birth canal


the BIRTH of the NEW EARTH was stalled and delayed by any means possible




the Baby is NOT DEAD












JULY 18, 1918  –  DECEMBER 5, 2013


i just finished watching the movie “Dances With Wolves” – a movie I love so much

and have watched many times before


i am always so moved by the end of the film and cannot help but shed some tears every time


after today’s viewing, I wanted to share on my blog how the movie reminded me

just how fortunate I am to share some small connections

with the Native Americans


For one , since i was a child, i have known from my mother that I share some

Lenape Indian blood from her father’s side


And two, every morning I begin my day with a cup of herbal tea that is believed

to have originated from the Ojibwa Indians –


a tea that is now more commonly known as Essiac


I have read that the Ojibwas were originally located in an area around the

Great Lakes region of the USA, specifically what is now Salt Ste Marie, Michigan


I have also read the Ojibwas had a great medicinal tradition of herbal medicine

handed down from their elders,


while also understanding the importance of respect for all forms of life

– human, plant and animal –


with the goal of achieving and maintaining harmony

personally and within the social order


so we know there was a time in history when medicine was not

a profit driven business as it is today,


but rather part of a philosophy and greater understanding of life

and our place in the larger order of things


this is the wisdom and gift that connects me to the spirit of their heritage

every morning i awake and drink

their herbal tea


and it is from their wisdom that i am personally blessed

by its many great health benefits


as with many important things in our so-called ‘modern society’ –

much good from the past has been lost


but fortunately truly good things are never

entirely forgotten








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