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wolfgang & marianne

2 sweet souls

from heaven’s music land

brother and sister

both Mozarts

of note

only one was suppressed

and we have




wolfgang & marianne

C L I C K   O N   I M A G E   2   L I S T E N   2   M Y   M U S I C


free birds

fly free

no immigration visa


one earth

we can share


in the air

free birds

C L I C K   O N   I M A G E   2   L I S T E N   2   M Y   M U S I C



breezes a blowin’

Zephyrus’ song

tunes are traversing

all the daylong

let each eyelid close

let soft winds be heard

for even in breathing

is sweet music

oft stirred


C L I C K   O N   I M A G E   2    L I S T E N   2   M Y   M U S I C









a bird in my hand

whispers 2 me

and i whisper back

some pleasantries

“how is your day?”

“oh mine’s going fine”

“how far have you flown?”

“don’t u love this blue sky?”

and then we share

some more personal things

the things that 2 beings

with wings

can apprise


C L I C K   O N   I M A G E   2   L I S T E N   2   M Y   M U S I C



each morning when i wake

i sail away

for my soul needs brighter shores

beyond this world so gray

each evening when i sleep

i sail away

to lands of dreams and lovers

where we can laugh and play

and so i go along

this life

setting sail each day

believing what the world calls ‘real’

is terribly




C L I C K   O N   I M A G E   2   L I S T E N   2   M Y   M U S I C

deer in the woods

wandering about

sunbeams and soft streams

and trees branching out

a flute in the distance

some low violin

in true coexistence

of oneness within





the short poem i blogged

some posts back in time

is now a new song

and video online

now i can’t make my software

sing actual words

but if you sing the lyrics

my words must be heard

so click on the image

if you like simple tunes

for children and angels


big bassoons

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