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the fairy tree


he or she or whoever u be


click on the words


the fairy tree



and my new music


will play 4 u






2 birdies we

now flying free

o’er Yggdrasil’s

great canopy

to find a world

(or make one new)

and seed our love

as bird gods


C L I C K   O N   I M A G E   2   L I S T E N   2   M U S I C

Inner child

who needs a friend

if their broken heart’s 2 mend

grown-up child

who looks within

must help the little one

who’s them

C L I C K   O N   T H E   I M A G E   2   L I S T E N   2   M U S I C

new music 

just written

4 love birds

so smitten


i look up from the valley

and see the gentle


standing silent

holding power

being the bridge

between earth

and sky

i am at peace

all is one






a good relaxing classical tune for a dreamy autumn day


if you like peaceful new age music, then you may like my new composition…

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