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i would rather have 90 percent of my subscribers unsubscribe from me

if they do not resonate with one of the most important truths i have 2 share with the world

we are not labels

who we are is something beyond the boxes the world tries to put us in once we are incarnated

being able to be who we are is the most essential freedom

there is no greater freedom than this

i was born with a penis

that meant i was put into a box by the world


that box had nothing to do with who i truly was

it took me over 50 years to get free of that box

and it was child abuse for the world to ever put me in that box in the first place

to force me to be something i was not

if you are born with a penis

and you are a soft, gentle, sweet soul

as i was

the other children with penises

will mock, deride and smother your spirit to death

“FAGGOT!” they say

“SISSY!” they say

“HOMO!” they say

“GAY! they say

we will not play with you

unless you act tough

& don’t cry

& be a man

at 5 years or 6 years of age this pressure begins to be mercilessly applied

people with vulvas can wear skirts, dresses and pants – whatever they please

but people with penises only wear pants

people with vulvas can wear pink and purple and rose

but people with penises must have dull colored clothes


i say

until parents stop putting their very very young children

into these boxes

we continue to have

child abuse on a massive scale


i guarantee you

so many of the so-called male adults

walking around in this world today

wearing their white shirts, grey pants and dark blue ties

acting so in love with their manhood as they go about their day in the world of other adults

are really living a lie

and don’t even know it

because they never re-connected with the little child within them

who wanted to be different

but was afraid of being called a “faggot” by their peers

and the implications of all of what i’m saying

goes far beyond the child abuse on a massive scale

it also goes

to the heart of all humanity’s suffering

for it is the 

crushed spirit of the souls born with a penis

that lashes out at others

they are the ones who become fanatics

who become greedy, power-hungry

who become creators

of wars, poverty, famine

& death






forever free

that’s what we’ll be

sans dark discord’s


time 2 breathe

time 2 be

time 2 get used 2







C L I C K   O N   I M A G E   2   L I S T E N   2   M Y   M U S I C


ours to be

Posted on: July 4, 2013


freedom and


are now


no longer 

our need

to exist



no more 


for that

which even

birds have

for free

a home

a habitat

a world


to be

just finished composing this original anthem for scotland (see video below)

if you don’t know, they’ve been under english rule for the last 300 years

hopefully scotland will be a free and independent nation very soon!

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