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bathed in the moonlight

the rabbit sits by

there on the hillside

and looks to the sky

clear is the nighttime

as stars fill her eyes

soft in the moonshine

God in disguise


C L I C K   O N   I M A G E   2   L I S T E N   2   M Y   M U S I C




separation from god


cannot happen in reality


yet it can exist in ILLUSION



and ILLUSION only exists


in the minds of those who have chosen


to forget reality



for a time



and yet that, too, ( t i m e )


is also





so where’s the rhyme ?


and what’s the reason?





who shall separate us


from the LOVE OF GOD ?



a sainted paul once said



( who indeed . . . )



the answer is









as One God

Posted on: May 12, 2013

so as One God once knew Herself

at first creation’s dawn

within each other’s loving eyes

creation is reborn

within our eyes one spirit smiles

from oneness joining two

to know Herself through the sight of me

to know Himself

through you

i was listening to a wonderful interview today on one of Myles Miller’s radio shows

i’m sorry i can’t recall the young woman’s name, but she was a dynamic faith-filled Christian who spoke very eloquently about how God’s people should be rejoicing in times like these, because He is going to show Himself strong on our behalf, amd make His children to prosper no matter what the economic situation

she recounted how she had recently lost a good government job and, although she was stressed at the time, she said it was the best thing that could have happened

because the gifts that God had placed inside of her from birth were still being unused and God had a plan where her hidden gifts could be utilized and made manifest – indeed, God directed her into a more fulfilling occupation and career that she could not have imagined or dreamt of had she not lost her government position due to the economic downturn

in the new position, she could positively impact other people’s lives in a very meaningful and fulfilling way that was not possible before with her previous job

she didn’t have the experience for the job, she didn’t have the background, but that didn’t matter to God – He knew what she was capable of because He knew the gifts that He put inside of her from birth

so she explained the spiritual principle that we all need to understand – namely, that God does not leave His children unprepared – with faith we can step out and believe Him for the gifts to do what needs to be done – in other words, we ACTIVATE the gift

the opportunities God has for us may not be where we expect them in our natural minds – if we are to call ourselves Christians and really walk in faith, then we need to be open for God’s blessings, wherever they may be

as Myles Miller stated: Opportunities often come disguised as problems

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